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Production Bites

Get ready for an audio production deep dive with Jude Smith! In this series, we're breaking down the basics of EQ, compression, wet effects, panning, …

Mixing on the X32

Are you interested in getting more tips and tricks for your X32 sessions? In this course, Eric Regal takes you through how he sets up and operates the…

Audio for Worship Leaders

In this course, James Attaway breaks down the fundamentals of front of house audio for worship leaders. This course will help any worship leader get t…

Audio Hangs: Our Favorite Plugins

Join Luke Hendrickson and Chris Greely as they break down their favorite plugins and share the techniques they are using on current mixing projects. L…

Mixing With Tai Mahawon

From downloading raw tracks to sending the finished mix to a client, Tai breaks down every step it takes to to mix a project from start to finish. He …

Isaac Meyer Interviews Dan Lutz

Isaac Meyer takes a seat with Dan Lutz in his LA studio for a fun conversation around life and music. Dive into the world of musicianship as they shar…

PA Tuning (Offline Session)

In this session, you'll learn the differences between “Room Tuning” & “PA Tuning” and the importance of taking your time to properly do bo…

Fundamental Techniques for Bassists

In this class, Dan Lutz explores the core principles of the bass guitar. As an accomplished bass player who has toured with renowned artists like Josh…

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