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Production Bites

Get ready for an audio production deep dive with Jude Smith! In this series, we're breaking down the basics of EQ, compression, wet effects, panning, …

Mixing on the X32

Are you interested in getting more tips and tricks for your X32 sessions? In this course, Eric Regal takes you through how he sets up and operates the…

Isaac Meyer Interviews Zane Carney

In this interactive interview, Isaac Meyer and Zane Carney talk about life and music from his studio in LA. Zane shares stories about his time play…

Music Production

In this course, Jamie Beaudoin breaks down the fundamentals of taking a simple demo and turning it into a fully finished industry standard sounding pr…

CAGED: Unlocking the Fretboard

In this course, Isaac breaks down the CAGED system to help demystify and unlock your guitar fretboard. The CAGED system is the most popular way to vie…

Dynamics: Live Set Breakdown

In this course, Kenyon breaks down four different live sets and what happens in each electric guitar element. This includes a look at rhythm leads, sw…

Pro Pedalboard Building

Learn how to design, build, and understand a professional pedalboard setup in this new course by Matthew Delemos. Starting at the very beginning wi…

Amp Sim Tone

In this course you will learn how to dial in great guitar tone through an amp sim pedal. This course is not just to show you how to navigate these spe…

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