Chris Greely’s Waves SoundGrid Show File

Transform your live services with full, balanced front of house mixes.

Get the template Chris Greely uses to start every new show file. Used mixing live for Bethel Music, Phil Wickham, and Martin Smith.

Say goodbye to harsh, muddy, and uncomfortable live mixes.

You can mix your live services using the power of studio plugins, and Chris Greely shows you exactly how to do it with his Waves SoundGrid Show File. Gain more power and flexibility to create the best front of house mixes.

Input/Output Routing Setup

The included input list makes for easier patching and a consistent patch structure for your live services and events.

Fine-Tuned Plugin Settings

Start your live mixes with fine-tuned settings for every EQ, compression, and effects plugins Chris uses for a great mix.

Detailed 1-Hour Tutorial

Watch Chris in a detailed tutorial video on how to use the SoundGrid template to start your own custom show file.

Virtual Soundcheck

Use the included audio files to run virtual soundchecks with Pro Tools and Logic Pro when setting up your show file.

A world-renowned template for fuller sounding worship.

Designed with worship teams in mind, Chris Greely’s SoundGrid Template has been used to mix front of house for top Christian artists like Bethel Music, Phil Wickham, and Martin Smith. Have your next live mix sounding clearer and fuller in a fraction of the time.

From small chapels to stadiums, get great mixes wherever you go.

Using the power of Waves SuperRack, Chris Greely’s SoundGrid Show File can be used with any SoundGrid compatible console in nearly any environment.

Buy Chris Greely's Waves SoundGrid Show File

Improve your live services and events with a pro-level starting point for your front of house mixes.


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What's Included:



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What's Included:


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What is Waves SuperRack SoundGrid?

SuperRack SoundGrid is a plugin rack that provides real-time plugin processing for FOH, monitor, broadcast, and AV engineers. You can run up to 64 stereo multi-channel racks, through multiple instances of plugins, with near-zero latency—and with endless customization options.

Refund Policy:
Templates are not eligible for refunds of any kind. We provide as much information as possible on product pages so that you know exactly what you are purchasing. If you have questions before purchasing a product, reach out to our team.

*All listed requirements are needed for the template to work properly. Do not purchase this template without fully confirming you have access to a sound console with Waves connectivity, a computer with SuperRack SoundGrid installed, a Waves SoundGrid Server, and the required Third-Party Plugins†. No refunds will be issued for customers who fail to meet these requirements.

†Third-Party Plugins are not included in the template and must be purchased separately. All listed plugins are required for the template to work properly. You will still be able to open the session without the plugins, but it will not sound the same.


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